John Hanley PhD

infinite power

Infinite Power, is the opportunity to train ourselves and to fully take part in life. Accepting and appreciating the wonderful adventure of being a team with humanity. Realizing that we have already won the game and are celebrating in a powerful and extraordinary way to Be Quantum Transformation. Practicing that everything is perfect as a way of life.

¿A quién va


This training

is the opportunity to:

– Allow everything to train us.
– Context and fundamentals of quantum transformation.
– Awaken and train yourself to create new ways of being sustainable.
– What is the context in which you are moving and who you are
being in relation to your being in relation to your results? NOTHING IS SEPARATE.
– Being in NOTHING to create from a new possibility.
– Altering my life in a way that wouldn’t happen if I didn’t train.

– Value opportunity to OWN the quantum conversation.
– The possibility of creating an impossible future.
– What is the power of this technology?
– What are the fundamental assumptions from which we live our lives?
– Listening and coaching practices.

Take advantage of this






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